WE ARE The Cure For Common OUTPUT

Discommon Goods was born out of a desire to create the pieces that were stuck in our heads. Collaborating with designers from all fields (from automotive to super yachts) we have given a simple promise: work with us and we will make exactly what is in your head. No corporate bs, no market studies, no asking for approval from the product team, just unadulterated execution of creativity using the coolest materials and processes from around the world.

Diving into the mood and inspiration behind a whisky project with Bart Janssen-Groesbeek (motorcycle designer).

Diving into the mood and inspiration behind a whisky project with Bart Janssen-Groesbeek (motorcycle designer).

Discommon Concepts unique strength comes from blending a product development and production background with brand-appropriate creative awareness to push companies and innovators to the next level. We have an “Oceans 11” approach, aggregating the appropriate skill sets from our network of collaborators to tackle your challenges with focused enthusiasm.

Who Are We?

Neil Ferrier (Chief Conspirator): 


With a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, 9 years in Advanced Product Development for Oakley, and a constant stream of creative passion projects, Neil has always had a drive to create in new and different ways. Through Discommon Concepts he has helped industry leading brands with product development and overseen some of their more “left-field” concept execution. With the work he has done, a radically diverse network of makers, designers, and manufacturers have come together and this year he has utilized that network and brought some of his own ideas to life with the launch of Discommon Goods.


Neil’s workbench always has something “in the works”. At any time (without notice to his wife!) he can be found wrenching on vintage motorcycles, racing cars, hanging out of helicopters, attempting to keep up with Jeremy on a mountain bike, or sitting with a glass of scotch. In the Lowball. 


Jeremy Hadden (Chief Technical Disruptor)

Jeremy has over 10 years of experience in advanced product development, collaborating with companies such as Scott Sports, Eye Safety Systems, Oakley, Leatherman, and Chums.  A SolidWorks and CAD wizard, his library of designs includes motorcycle grips, goggles, ballistic proof sunglasses, multi-tools, and outdoor accessories. The words “snap”, “pop”, and “boom” are norms for describing some of the functional components of his creations.  Jeremy oversees the Discommon Lab, full of Solidworks powerhouse machines, auto-adjusting desks, 3D printers, and a myriad of musical instruments.


When not toiling over the CAD machine or building prototypes, Jeremy can be found with the throttle pinned on bikes, skis, or boards in the Northwest rivers and mountains or jamming out on one of his many guitars.


Our Designers:

This is the real mischief. Our designers go unnamed - Why? Most of them are heads of design departments in globally recognized brands. We offer them an outlet to moonlight, some creative freedom, but more importantly, a guarantee that we will make whatever badass gear they design with us. 

To G, N, DW, MR, BL, KP and more, we give our love and thanks for helping us along the way.