Rokform Accessories

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What's a little funny about Rokform is that they are literally headquartered a solid 3 iron from my work at Oakley, but my love for their goods has little to do with their proximity to me, I don't know any of the guys there...yet. My introduction to their heavily industrialized design and glorious use of a milling machine came from my all-things-apple addicted father in the UK. I'm convinced he's doing his best to re-shape our economy, or at least spend as much as he can before I inherit anything. Either way, he likes "nice" things and I rarely complain as he has killer taste.

Rokform's philosophy must be somewhat similar to mine. There is no way they set about their projects with a price goal. These guys decided to make exactly what they (a bunch of gearheads, engineers and designers) wanted and the price is simply a byproduct of making what you want. In this instance they took their skillset in machining aluminum and applied it to apple accessories. I just LOVE 'em, they ooze "man" and are detailed immaculately. The Rokstand for my ipad would be deemed unnecessary by many, yet now it would just seem insulting to my ipad to place it in anything else, like "Sorry little buddy, I can't believe I used molded plastic before. Here is your new throne".

Anyway, Rokform: you're kicking ass. Keep making what you'd like to own as I'm pretty sure I'd like to own it too.