Croft House Box to Bonhams


Like I mentioned in the earlier post about my coffee table, I have a lot of Macallan cask wood.  It didn’t take me long to do something else with it!  A friend had a set of the 1950, 1955 and 1957 Lalique bottles from Macallan that he planned to send to Bonhams in Hong Kong for auction.

The Lalique Collection is the result of a very close relationship between the two companies and will continue over the next few years to be 6 bottles in total, housing some of the rarest and finest liquid The Macallan has to offer. This is a key point – there’s a lot of old whisky out there and anyone that knows their stuff will attest to the fact that some of it is, frankly, crap.  When it got old it got nasty, but some distilleries still sell it for mammoth amounts of money knowing it will likely never be drunk.

However, some liquid out there carefully followed Demi Moore’s plan of attack (minus the drug addiction bit...she get's a pass on that one) and got better and better and better with age. I’ll attest that the Lalique bottles are full of Demi Moore Whisky. I know this thanks to a drunken night in the tasting room at the distillery... I’m probably not supposed to share that.

Sorry, back on track, I love lamp.

The trouble with auctioning them all together is that they are in 3 separate boxes, and that’s just…well…it just didn’t seem right to sell as a collection in loose boxes, so I decided we should make a chest out of cask wood.  My friend is usually the instigator of these projects, so he didn't take any convincing.

Croft House stepped up again and all it took to make a great chest was a few sketches, a lot of inspiration images and a pretty clear idea on the hardware I wanted to use - think “upscale pirate fodder”. The collection, after authentication by Macallan, snagged a 3 page spread in the Bonham’s catalogue and was picked up by worldwide liquor press.  Oh, and yeah, it sold for a stack of money. Result.

ETCHING - trust me, keep your volume down...

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