Sneaking A Ride In Brian Deegan's Fiesta Rally Car


I'm not even entirely sure what this event was, but I believe it was a sponsor appreciation day that Andreas Eriksson, Team Owner and Manager of Olsbergs Motor Sport Evolution was putting on. If this is correct, being a sponsor is a great deal because these guys and girls had a BLAST. I ended up at the even near the end of the even through some much appreciated texts and calls from friends.

Olsbergs MSE is a FORMIDABLE force in the Global RallyCross arena, with they have a deep field of experienced drivers including Brian Deegan and Tanner Foust.  As it happened, they brought Brian Deegan's Fiesta to the event and Andreas, who himself can drive the living bejeezus out of a car, put on a fantastic show for the sponsors.

I was extremely lucky to get offered a ride at the end of the day, but was warned that there was not too much rubber left and we'd probably blow a tire. We did.

I did not arrive expecting to go in the fastest car I've ever been in in my life, but that little Fiesta was utterly astonishing. The rate of accelleration completely boggled my mind and combined with its ability to rotate and change direction, my head just hurt trying to take it in. Hopefully this video gives you a little idea of the forces at work, it was al I could manage as my mind was being blown.

Thanks Andreas!!

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