Titanium Trigger Case - iPhone 5


The world of iPhone accessories is a minefield. I have often thought about entering the space with designs talked about with everyone from my wife (she still has a killer idea that I have never seen yet) to most of the guys I drink whisky with.  I still have not ventured that way becasue honestly it's just so daunting. Titanium-Trigger-iPhone-5-Case-by-4th-Design-2

For a while I have had a bit of an allegiance to Rokform cases and accessories. From my first one, I have never been disappointed in anything that they have done. I still adore their work, but it's a big world and seeing this case today from 4th Design stopped me dead in my tracks.

Rugged look but still retaining clean lines. Intricate detailing, but driven by simple and smart functionality. I'm a fan. Plus it's machined titanium - I love machining and titanium,  it's the male equivalent to wooing a lady lady with fancy wine and roses.

Adios $99.

All images from www.4thdesign.com


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