11 Questions

11 Questions With Max Venturi at Lamborghini


Max Venturi - His name alone should place him in his own comic book full of racecar adventures. In reality, life is not too far off that. Max is the Test Driver for Lamborghini.  As I sit here, I'm struggling to conjure up too many cooler sounding jobs than this. However, it seems that unfortunately should I want to try and emulate Max, I'd be screwed before we even got to the point that I'm not a good looking Italian, nor can I drive a car like a surgeon wielding his scalpel - I just don't have a cool name. Thanks dad - way to kill my dream from the outset. Valentino Balboni, Max Venturi, Neil Ferrier. Nope, it's just not going to happen, eh?

Anyway, I've known Max a little while now and called him to hit him with the inaugural "11 questions with a super cool interesting person".

Max, you recently met the Top Gear presenters at the Nardo high-speed test ring near Rome. Which of the 3 guys would sit as co-driver for? (Don’t say all of them!) I was already in the CAR with Jeremy... Would be fun to try with James next time...

If I handed you 100 euro's right now and told you to spend it, what would you buy A new shirt...!

Red or White wine? Red

Dream project car? the one you want to work on...why? I have it! My 1989 BMW E30 M3.

What car has an exhaust sound that gives you goosebumps every time you hear it? (Me...Pagani Zonda R) F1

A perfect day for you? One day testing with R&D department a the Nordshleife (old Nurburgring )

If I gave you a gorilla, where would you hide it? On the sofa...

Any talents other than driving? I don't think i have many others...

What project or drive have you done for Lamborghini that you would like to repeat? Explain a little... Working on the prototype of the Murcielago SV... A monster!

Venturi - with a name like that you were born to drive! Was your dad a car guy too? Yes, my father was a race driver in the 70ies

Electric cars the future: yes or no? Maybe yes but not in the near future…

Bonus Round: Give us all one driving tip: Keep your hands on the steering wheel at 9-15! And fast the seatbelt, always!

Thanks a lot to Max for taking the time and to Michael Turtle over at the blog Time Travel Turtle who did a great piece on the Lamborghini Driving Academy. The picture at the top is his.