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There are not so many times that I'm lost for words. I get it, I talk a lot.  To those that know me, "speechless" is never a word they would consider using in reference to my behavior, but this past weekend I spend good periods of time truly speechless.

What brought on this onerous feat? A weekend at Fuller Hot Rods in Atlanta. I can only describe it in a manner that still does it little justice -it's a man-stuff dream cave. Bryan Fuller went to Atlanta in 05 after honing his craft back here in So Cal with names like So Cal Speed Shop and Chip Foose - a killer education that he has grown and grown from.

The now home of Fuller Hot Rods is a bit of a "rough" brick building, with a chain link fence, corrugated roofing and scattered, well, crap outside.  It's also in an area of Atlanta that when darkness falls, you may well choose to stay behind that chain link fence... but what a brilliant decision that would be as you might end up inside the greatest  man cave I've ever spent time in.

I'm struggling already to try and form my thoughts on how to explain the shop. I think the pictures will just have to do it the little justice they can.  Bryan has MAD skills, a simple google search will prove that, but he also has crazy patience, attention to detail and authenticity that can be hard to find in the overly commercialized world of car land.  At the end of the day you could roll around in a white t-shirt on the polished concrete floors and still end up with a white t-shirt.

Though Bryan is a wizard with sheet metal and prone to chopping and building, he isn't morphing his newest purchase into a new beast. While we were there I got to hear the bark to life of a 1974 Ducati 750cc with the famed bevel drive cam gear. That's one for you to search, but it's a classic and it sounded incredible.

Some notables in the shop..

  • The 32 roadster body..that's no rat rod, in fact, it's not even a hot rod. It is destined to be a race car. 900Hp Ford race engine and, oh, you know, all wheel drive spinning vintage magnesium Nascar rims... I'm giddy about seeing that one finished.
  • The 33 sedan is rapidly becoming the family car. Look closely and you'll see the sheet metal recessed seats going in the back between the frame rails for his kid. The stitched headers dump exhaust gasses from the 750 Hp motor.
  • The Indian chopper is a customer build with a freaky, crazy carb set-up.

Anyway, enjoy the pics.

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