Leatherman OHT (One Hand Tool)


I always love going to SHOT show (Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show) in Vegas, a large number of my industry friends go and I tend to geek out on everything I see there. Often I get stuck on amazing new rifles, some random grenade launcher or a crazy lifesaving tech I’ve never heard of, but every now and then I find a great wee gem that I’m surprised by.

One of these products is an initially unassuming new multi-tool from Leatherman.  Sitting amongst a few other releases, it took someone there to show me the awesomeness. Check out the video – COMPLETELY one handed use – every tool can be deployed while holding the tool in one hand.  Think about that and if it doesn’t intrigue you just a little, you’re clearly not a tinkerer.  Yeahhhhh you… the one that takes the car to the shop for a strange rattle, calls an electrician to install a ceiling fan and unclogs a toilet by calling 1-800-hairyplumber?  The rest of us DO stuff, and it is way easier to do stuff with one hand free.

I recently changed fuel lines on my VW underneath the car. This tool would have been brilliant for the cutting, crimping, snipping and pulling going on while my hand was up inside the engine bay. Each tool even has a stamped relief on the case so you can remember what it is when you can’t see. The tool is available in the two color options shown and the finish on them is not simply a black oxide, it's a kick-ass gun coating called Cerakote, that we love.

Classy work, Leatherman (www.leatherman.com)

Specs below.

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  • Spring-action combination needlenose and regular pliers
  • Replaceable 154CM soft and hard-wire cutters (pliers)
  • 420HC straight edge knife blade (2.37″)
  • 420HC serrated knife blade
  • Aggressive-toothed wood saw
  • Strap cutter (v-notch)
  • Oxygen wrench
  • Can & bottle opener
  • Small, medium and large slotted screwdrivers
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Integrated lanyard attachment
  • Stainless steel body
  • Gloved-hand accessibility
  • #8-32 cleaning rod attachment
  • Closed length of 4.5″ and 9.9oz weight
  • MOLLE sheath