Espresso Fanatic: The Mypressi Twist


Men like toys. That’s just a simple fact of life. Unfortunately, working in the design team at Oakley, that “like” expands, contorts and morphs into a horrific disease of toys.  Cars, gadgets, guns, bikes, boards, speakers… it’s an ugly spiral, but boy is it fun. Coffee machines are toys I like. Espresso is one of my many loves. My uncle back in Scotland is an eclectic chap. An incredibly gifted musician, cook and photographer. I learnt the magnificent taste of a great espresso from him. He’s quite adept at “Tickling Miss Silvia” (great Gizmodo article ). I’m hopeless at describing tastes, but the right one has a huge fruity punch to it that is like nothing else. No sugar, milk or water is needed.

This espresso love grew as my dad became talented at it and I was finally ruined for life when Oakley was bought by an Italian company. To keep a long gush short, Italian gas station espresso is made with passion that shames almost any coffee shop in the US.

Where am I going with this? My new toy! It’s not a huge challenge to spend $10k on an espresso machine and don’t even get me started on those crazy all in one pop out a pre-frothed, multi-layered, espressinoachiato (Ok I digress, they are kinda awesome, but espresso should be an art!). However, my new toy is arguably the least expensive legitimate espresso maker out there. It was a Christmas present from my dad after some well placed hints. We’re talking about the mypressi TWIST Handheld Espresso Maker, a gas cartridge powered, trigger operated espresso “machine”.[gallery link="file" columns="5" orderby="rand"]

There are some great reviews out there on the machine and the process of pulling a shot, but I just wanted to add my comments to the mix. I’m a design Engineer and my product expectations are high to say the least.  The Mypressi was just SUCH a great idea by someone and is executed to perfection…simple, ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing and best – effective.  Get the right grind of a great bean and the TWIST will knock out a shot that will blow your mind. Every morning I have one, I sneak a little smile to myself, it is genius and gives me my little piece of Italy every day.  Class work Mr. TWIST.