The Cure For Common OUTPUT

Discommon Concepts unique strength comes from blending a product development and production background with brand-appropriate creative awareness to push companies and innovators to the next level. We have an “Oceans 11” approach, aggregating the appropriate skill sets from our network of collaborators to tackle your challenges with focused enthusiasm.

We're not a big agency at our core, but our reach and experience is global. If you need  fancy renderings, beautiful presentations and everything an large agency offers, you'll get it, but we much prefer quieting all the noise and delivering results instead.  

Diving into the mood and inspiration behind a whisky project with Bart Janssen-Groesbeek (motorcycle designer).

Diving into the mood and inspiration behind a whisky project with Bart Janssen-Groesbeek (motorcycle designer).

Partnership Facilitation

Discommon Concepts has partnered with some of the world's leading industrial designers and brands from Automotive, Electronics, Motorcycle, Furniture, Fashion, Luxury Spirits and Jewelry.

Who is the right partner? Who is the WRONG partner? How can you both complement each other? How do you keep the partnership simple and productive? These are the questions we help to answer. We research and make connections with the best and most eclectic partners to help reach the wildest of goals. We feed off the ideas that others think can’t happen. 

We're happy to discuss some examples of past projects upon request. 

Development Network

We have over the past decade gained global product and materials development experience, and can navigate smoothly between varying business styles around the globe. Technologies we have worked with and relationships we have include:

Manufacturing solutions for complex challenges

Manufacturing solutions for complex challenges

  • Metal Injection molding of advanced alloys. [Asia / USA / Eu]
  • Magnesium / Zinc / Aluminum Casting.  [USA / Asia]
  • Complexity plastic injection molding.  [Asia / USA / Eu]
  • Composites: Aerospace / jewelry / F1. Injecting, forging, lay-up, machining.  [Asia / USA / Eu]
  • Metals Machining: Partners ranging from Swiss precision to "China volumes". Adaptable to requirements of design.
  • Surface Coatings: Paint / ceramics / PVD / anodizing. 
  • Mil-Spec: Coatings, fire retardant, Made in USA, Navigating military channels.

When we discuss projects with you, our ideas are not hypothetical, they are born from long trips around the world, spending time in factories making mistakes, learning and improving. We hope to save you some of the mistakes we already made!