The Heuer addiction was all my Grandfather’s fault. He passed away when I was 17 and my parents found an “odd” square watch called a Heuer Monaco in his sock drawer. They had it restored for my 18th birthday and it’s still on my wrist today. Cheers Papa!
— Neil Ferrier: Co-owner, Discommon


An 18 month obsessive restoration by the master of vintage Heuer watches, Abel Court, carefully reimagined by NEIL along the way

We didn't think that Abel would even humor the idea, after all, his wait-list to work on a watch is currently around 2 years. Somehow, though, he liked our kind of crazy and when we explained just how committed we were going to be to the "complete package" he jumped aboard this project. 

After sourcing my favorite vintage chrono and shipping to Belgium, Abel began the lengthly process of stripping it to individual pieces. The movement was completely overhauled, with Abel pulling from his astonishing collection of NOS (new, old-stock) parts whenever necessary. Heuer is known for their "starburst" finish on the top surface of cases and Abel restored all the tired components back to former glory. 

Then came fun step no.1: We have a lot of DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon)coating experience from our consulting work. Not all coatings are equal and we were very proud to work with Richter Precision on a deep, black, coating on all steel parts that allows the factory starburst finish to shine through. The watch saw the world - restored in Belgium, it came to the US for coating and then headed back to Belgium for final assembly and testing. 

Fun step no.2: In the 70's, Heuer watches came is a cool flip-top leather box, decorated with a checkered flag pattern. Unfortunately they are extremely rare and trade for a lot of money. I decided to make my own homage to the original box. It is excessively engineered - milled from billet aluminum, coated in red Cerakote and lined with black napa leather, with the watch resting on a Harris Tweed cushion. 

Completing the package is a race inspired strap in "oxblood red leather", made for us in Italy.

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