Knowing Discommon's insatiable appetite for disruption, The Macallan approached us to find a partner to develop "the worlds most technicaLly and mechanically beautiful flask."

The best projects never start smoothly. I specifically remember guessing the e-mail addresses of Felix and Martin (the owners of legendary Swiss watchmaker, Urwerk) and writing them a cold e-mail explaining this "amazing" idea that to have them collaborate with The Macallan on making the worlds most technically beautiful flask. 

Felix's reply was not quite as hoped: "How did you get this address?". 

Luckily Martin came to my rescue: "Felix! It does not matter, it is whisky! I love whisky. This sounds like a fantastic idea."

10 days later we found ourselves in Martin's studio and so began an almost 3 year journey to create the insanity you see here.

With Discommon being located in California, The Macallan in Scotland, Urwerk in Switzerland and our manufacturing parters around the world, logistically this was never going to be the simplest project. We shipped a startling number of 3D prints around the world, but in reality, the success of the project came down to the astonishing engineering work completed by Cyrano Devanthay from Urwerk. I've never known a brain so adept at creating mechanisms in a virtual world that work for real. 

We rarely get to share a "deeper dive" into the consulting projects that Discommon works on, but in this instance are happy to be able to share a little of the behind the scenes work.

We want to congratulate The Macallan and Urwerk for showing that a little courage and corporate mischief can create startling outcomes.