The Watch Wallet - Pebble Black

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The Watch Wallet - Pebble Black



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ANOTHER CITY, ANOTHER HOTEL ROOM. Born from back-to-back trips across the globe, the Watch Wallet marries your most prized travel possessions – your watches and passport.  No more watches in socks or separate containers. Grab it from the hotel safe and go.

TRADITIONAL MEETS TECH. This shrunken calf Italian leather is the end of a long hunt for the perfect black leather - luxurious, but packed with character. The tweed inner is a nod to our Scottish roots. However, the hidden geekery is our collaboration with D3O®  impact protection. The entire wallet is lined with 3mm D3O®  foam. This foam is the staple of the top ski, mountain bike and motorcycle impact protection systems – it stiffens and absorbs energy upon impact.

Watches should make it to the next generation; help them get there.

PEBBLED BLACK: We were not happy with black leathers for a long time. This is the end of a long search. We needed luxury, but also character. The Italian shrunken calf hide achieves both.  

Note: Nice try, but the vintage Heuer watches and passport pictured are sadly not included.


  • Elastic pockets to accommodate watches of different sizes
  • Strap retention inspired by vintage Ferrari tool roll
  • 20+ components stamped, cut and stitched in the USA
  • Passport / ticket pocket
  • Spare strap pocket
  • Ring / credit card / phone pocket
  • Flexible strap retention for thick straps and stiff “watch strap” retention for thin
  • D3O® sample foam in the shape of a watch – allowing you to test the technology.

Note: This is not made by a robot in a foreign land. It’s handmade in the USA. Please expect some character from being worked and manipulated by hand. Please also don’t test the D3O® by throwing an heirloom watch off a building.