A 3 year project with The Macallan and Swiss watchmaker, Urwerk, results in an excessively engineered and technically beautiful flask

Collaborating with a good friend and one of the world's foremost restorers of vintage Heuer watches, Abel Court, we created our interpretation of an iconic Chronograph.

In one of the greater collaborations in recent memory, legendary scotch makers The Macallan have joined teams with sunglass-makers Oakley, and the result is one hardcore flask
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HAH! I made it! I’m going to nationals with your tamp! It’s badass.
— JPD (Barista, Portola Coffee Lab)

While part of an Advanced Development team at Oakley, we were tasked with creating a "no-holds-barred" piece of eyewear. 

Influenced by everything from space shuttle bearings to armadillos, the team executed a fully machined carbon fiber pair of sunglasses, with unsurpassed fit charachteristics.