The Coffee Run

How did a Formula One car land in the HQ? It began a decade ago when I met Joe Scarbo, an engineer and creator extraordinaire. At that time, he was designing off-road race chassis but can now be found anywhere from engineering Pike's Peak cars to redesigning components for OEM manufacturers.

Joe was creating a modernized version of a 1970s Ferrari F1 car which resonated with the Discommon principle - F*ck mediocrity. His vision to fuse vintage aesthetics with modern engineering dynamics fascinated me. However, making it road legal in California was a comical pipe dream.

Years later, after relocating Discommon to Greenville, South Carolina, my desire for a vehicle project resurfaced. Factory 5’s Cobra replicas were considered; we planned to design a new body around their proven chassis. I approached Joe and he mentioned he still had a car chassis from a previous commission — I knew immediately all hell would break loose and we'd be off on a path with one strict rule - achieving a license plate

After two years of creation – seat fittings trips, engine selection and even last-minute traction control system installation– the dream became reality. The Partum Co (resident HQ film production company) agreed to drive across the country with Joe delivering the car - they were younger and dumber back then!

We made this journey into "The Coffee Run", a mythical morning coffee run starting in Greenville ending up in California. They filmed the whole thing backwards and drove non-stop for three days shooting scenes whenever possible along their route.

Madness - a perfect HQ addition.

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