Shift Moonwalkers

We almost ran (Moonwalked?) from this client. It's a rare opportunity for an industrial design firm to work on a truly new product in uncharted space.  It's also extremely intimidating. Does the company have a clue what they are doing? Will they execute our design vision? Can they even make this idea real? All questions we asked ourselves about Shift – they were valid, the goal was steep and the engineering challenges massive. “the world’s fastest shoe – a moving walkway on your feet”.

We didn’t want to be attached to something ridiculous. But as they say, the biggest risk is taking no risk – so we dove in.

A successful Kickstarter, 50 million+ views on TikTok, articles across the globe from Hypebeast to GQ to Wired - we’re thoroughly proud of the journey we’ve gone on with Shift. There’s an astounding amount of energy in the Moonwalkers and we worked tirelessly to wrap the engineering package in functional art. From concept, to design, DFM support, prototyping, Fidlock partnership, even a little brand strategy and voicover thrown in, we Moonwalked this journey with them.

Project Type:
Commercial Product
What we did:
Industrial Design, Design Engineering, Manufacturing Support, Brand Identity, Production Renderings

Discommon changed our game. They iterated at a maniacal pace to match our continuously evolving engineering constraints, wrapped our robotics in beauty, and provided rugged engineering solutions currently in mass production.

Abram Pleta, Ph.D., Mechanical and Design Integration Engineer



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